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About Us

Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi Dental Clinic

The Fahad Al Tamimi dentist staff are meticulously selected. All our dental surgeons, dental practitioners, and orthodontists at the clinic have many years of experience.  The Fahad Al Tamimi medical specialists are professionals of their fields who continually attend trainings to get the latest knowledge in dentistry.

What’s Oral Surgery?
Oral surgery or even more specifically oral maxillofacial medical procedures is a collective term for teeth treatments involving surgical intervention, usually performed by an dental surgeon. This addresses a lot of things from tooth extractions to complicated bone transplantations.

Fahad Al Tamimi

The oral surgery types of treatments in dentistry provided by the Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi Teeth Clinic are usually surgical teeth extractions, sinus elevates, bone grafts, lateral bone augmentations, bone transplantations and dental implantation.

Because of the most current technologies everyone with missing tooth or even fully toothless patients can get permanent teeth by making use of oral maxillofacial surgery.

A complicated root situation can also take place with normal tooth demanding a medical procedures to be able to be removed.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Wisdom teeth are usually strongly attached, have 3-4 roots and need a medical procedures to have the ability to be removed. Furthermore, we often experience wisdom teeth growing in as they can frown in the jaw in a variety of ways.

This is explained by the fact that over the millennia the facial skeleton, especially the jaws, got smaller, therefore there is less space designed for the same variety of teeth. It really is becoming a lot more common that wisdom tooth do not form at all hence the lucky patient does not have any issues with them as the wisdom teeth are arriving through and do have the required space.