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Fahad Al Tamimi – Implant Procedures

Why implants?
Dental Implant Treatment is a specific area of expertise at the Fahad Al Tamimi Dental care Clinic. Our dental specialists have completed a large number of implant treatments effectively. The Fahad Al Tamimi dental care clinic has everything on-site to provide implants in a safe and professional environment.

The Fahad Al Tamimi Dental Clinic is equipped with a CT scanner. This allows us to avoid harm to important nerves in the jaws and sinuses. The CT scanning device allows our dental experts to diagnose with precision if your bone is ideal for implants.

Why should teeth be replaced?
Apart from having the ability to smile, eat, and speak better; oral implants avoid the onset of poor cosmetic profile because of the lack of bone mass in your jawbone. Oral Implants prevent bone loss by transmitting insert forces through the chewing process into the jawbone. The jawbone reacts to the launching by increasing the bone relative density. Teeth Implants are popular in their capability to avoid bone reduction and restore facial skeletal framework while significantly enhancing digestion.

There are various unfavorable consequences from loss of teeth without replacement:

Fahad Al Tamimi
Fahad Al Tamimi

Migration of surrounding tooth: when there is a difference, opposing teeth may over-erupt adjacent tooth migrate on the empty spaces leading to food trapping and possible decay.

Difficulty of chewing: missing teeth can cause insufficient chewing function that may lead to indigestion.

Poor appearance & bone loss: lack of fresh appearance and cosmetic structure due to bone resorption.  This includes lack of lip support.

Poor speech: difficulty in conversing especially if front side teeth are missing

Am I a candidate for teeth Implants?
Dental implants provided by the Fahad Al Tamimi Dental care Clinic will be the best option for individuals of most ages in good general health who’ve lost a tooth or teeth credited to a major accident, gum disease, injury, or various other reasons.

It is important that you have enough dental bone to support the implant. There are a few health issues which warrant special account. Certain persistent diseases, heavy smoking, or alcoholic beverages abuse may contraindicate implant treatment. After careful evaluation of your wellbeing history, our dental practitioners will alert you to any conditions that may affect your treatment. Please keep in mind, age is not really a factor.

Do I’ve enough bone?
It’s important for an individual to have enough bone to aid an implant. If you don’t have sufficient bone, there are many effective and safe ways to improve bone insufficiency. The Fahad Al Tamimi implantology experts will evaluate you and help you if additional bone mass is necessary. It might be essential for him to execute an artificial bone replacement or sinus lift for the implant to be positioned.

What are a few of the advantages of dental implants?
Oral implant restorations can offer an all-natural feel and appearance, so you might forget you ever lost a tooth. Perchance you conceal your smile because you are humiliated by your missing tooth. Maybe your dentures don’t feel secure. You might have difficulty chewing. If you’re lacking a number of teeth and wish to smile, speak and eat again with comfort and self-confidence, implants provided by Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi are the answer. Teeth implants are also useful for patients who can’t wear removable dentures.

The Fahad Al Tamimi dental procedures allow patients the following solutions:
Restored ability to chew up and converse properly
Recovery of face appearance
Upkeep of remaining jawbone structure
Recovery of the organic beauty and function of teeth
Increased confidence and self-esteem